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Document Archives

The documents provided on this website are for the convince of Swiss Alpine Association members and those interested in purchasing property within Swiss Alpine.

We are currently working on this section, so please be patient.   This section will be evolving over the next several months.   Many of the documents we only have in paper form.   Scanning and transcribing them will take some time.

About Document Formats

The documents are being provided in a PDF format suitable for printing or saving to your computer for offline viewing.   In some instances, web formats of documents are being provided in addition to the PDF version.   Clicking on the document name you will be provided with a web version of the document, or the PDF version where the web version is not available.   The PDF versions can be accessed from this page by clicking on the "PDF" link following the document name.

PDF documents can be read on any computer using a free program called Acrobat Reader from Adobe.   If you need a copy of this program, it can be obtained from www.acrobatreader.com.   It is fairly easy to install, however, if you run into problems feel free to send us an e-mail.

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions

Swiss Alpine was developed in 3 separate phases, and consequently each has a different set of CCRs for each phase of the development.   While all of them are very similar, there are some minor differences relating to particular parcels.   Please be sure to reference the appropriate set.

Swiss Alpine Association Bylaws

The Covenants specify that each property owner within Swiss Alpine is a member of Swiss Alpine Association.  Swiss Alpine Association is responsible for the ongoing management of Swiss Alpine Subdivisions within the Bylaws of the Associaiton. 


We are currently in the process of converting all of the Newsletters into electronic form.   Once this process has been completed and verified, the information will be posted on the website.   If you are willing to assist in this process, please let us know.

Meeting Minutes

The best way for Swiss Alpine Association to function is to have an informed membership.  The meeting minutes are a way to keep the membership apprized of what is occurring at Swiss Alpine.  The intent is to have minutes for all Membership and Board Meetings from 2000 to current. 

Access to the Meeting Minutes section  will be require a user name and password for access.  If you need access, please contact the Secretary or Webmaster.

Click here to enter the Meeting Minutes Archive

Swiss Alpine Maps

The following maps of Swiss Alpine are provided for reference purposes.  The lake depth charts are from data gathered several year ago when the lakes were at the lowest point  in many years.  You can expect these depths to be about 1-2 feet off.

Swiss Alpine Lot Map
Round Lake Depth Chart
Horseshoe Lake Depth Chart

The State of Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth provides access to digital images, with print capability, of the plats and related documents of land subdivisions in the State of Michigan's plat files.  Swiss Alpine Plat files can be found using the following links.

Swiss Alpine  (Lots Numbered 1-181)
Swiss Alpine 2 (Lots Numbered 182-274 )
Swiss Alpine 3 (Lots Numbered 275-509)

Bern Road Information

Bern Road is a public road that until July, 2010 was maintained by Swiss Alpine.   After a significant amount of research, and writing a detailed informational briefing, Ron Delpiere-Smith presented his research to the road commission.   The result is the maintenance of the road is now being performed by the county.  Here is a copy of the research document for those that are interested.