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Swiss Alpine Campground

The campground was developed for the use and enjoyment of Swiss Alpine members and guests for weekend getaways, week long family vacations or family reunions.  Several members have found the campground to be a useful resource while building their homes at Swiss Alpine.

Campground Rates

The campground is a self-sustaining part of Swiss Alpine. All  of the expenses to operate the campground comes from the camping fees.  After your stay, please deposit you camping fees in the mailbox at the bathhouse. 

Daily Rental $5.00 SAA Members
$10.00 Guests
Yearly Rental $250 per Campsite
Electrical Hookup $3.00 per Day for Daily and Yearly Users
Holding Area $5.00 per Week, May 1st -Nov 30th.  All campers MUST to be removed form the holding area in the winter.


Yearly Campsites

Any SAA Member interested in obtaining a yearly campsite is asked to contact the campground manager for availability. Completion of a campground lease will be required for all yearly campsites. A sample of the lease has been provided for your benefit and review. Please click here for a sample.

Campground Rules

The campground is for the enjoyment of Swiss Alpine property owners and their guests. Please be courteous of other campers in the campground and follow the campground rules.

  1. Check in and out with the manager. Unused camping areas may be used by Swiss Alpine property owners, if there is not a reserved sign on it.
  2. No draining of waste water in campground.  Draining or waste water is only permitted at the dump station behind the bathhouse.

  3. Pets must be kept under immediate control and/or on a leash not exceeding 10 feet. Pets are not allowed on the beach.

  4. Campsite must be kept in good order; trash to be kept in sealed bags and transported to trash receptacle.

  5. No excessive noise between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

  6. Children 12 years of age or under must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times while in the campground.

  7. Cleaning of fish and game in specified areas only, and the remains must be sealed in plastic and disposed of properly.

  8. Guests must have the most current Swiss Alpine card in their possession and individual property owners will be responsible for the actions of their guests.

  9. Bathhouse must be respected and kept clean. This means no dishwashing, laundry, fish and game cleaning, no malicious destruction and no pets are allowed in the bathroom facilities.

  10. Turn out bathhouse lights when not in use.

  11. Not more than one campsite of overnight guests per property owner will be permitted without prior approval of the manager or the Swiss Alpine Board of Directors.  Guests must occupy reserved areas before 7:00 p.m. unless change is approved by the manager of Swiss Alpine.  Reservations are not to be extended if any property owners have a need for a camping area. Guests will be charged guest rates and electrical fees while sharing a site, if occupying an additional trailer/camper or tent other than the members primary trailer/camper.

  12. Individual campsites may have one (1) firepit dug and the fire must be contained within the pit. A six (6) foot area surrounding the firepit must be cleared of debris (leaves, twigs, etc.). When there is a fire in a firepit, it must be supervised by a responsible adult.

  13. Campers on state land, other than immediate family of property owners, are not to use any Swiss Alpine facilities.

  14. Recreational vehicles must not exceed the 15 miles per hour speed limit or be used improperly anywhere on Swiss Alpine property. They may not be used in the campground, except to come to and leave the campsite.

  15. No fireworks are permitted in the campground or common grounds unless prior approval is given by the Board of Directors.

  16. All campers and trailers must have a current license attached.  This includes campers and trailers in the holding area.

Campground Sheds and Decks

Storage sheds and Decks are permitted on yearly campsites, with the approval of the Board of Directors.  Requests must be submitted in writing.

  • Campground Decks and Storage Sheds must be maintained in a aesthetic and safe manner. 
  • Removal of the storage shed and /or Deck is the responsibility of the SAA Member at the termination of the lease.
  • The maximum size for a storage shed is 8'Wx8'Dx8'H, placed towards the rear of the campsite.

Campground Phones

A couple of long term campground users have had phone lines installed at their campsite.  If you desire to have one installed, please ask the Campground Manager prior to contacting SBC.  If you desire phone service you may find it easier to obtain a campsite with phone service already available.  Getting the line installed is not a trivial task.  In addition to the public utilities, there are private electrical lines going to each campsite.  The private lines will not be marked by Miss Dig. 

Phone Service is provided by SBC Communications.   When you contact them, give them the address 10394 Schwyz Circle, Reed City, MI 49677.  This is the address of the lot at the campground entrance.  When they ask if there is an apartment number, give them the campsite number where you want service installed.   DO NOT tell them it is a campground, the order person will tell you it cannot be installed.

You will need to provide a permanent mounting location for the network interface (SBC Grey Phone Box).  A 4x4 treated post buried into the ground behind the power box works great for this.  Use care when digging around the power boxes.   The phone installer can use the power box  for a ground source. 

All you have to do is connect the phone jack on your camper to the grey box when you are here.   If your camper is not wired for telephone, some have found it useful to install a surface mount phone jack inside the power cable storage, or one of the other storage compartments, then run the inside wiring in the camper.