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Contact Information

Please direct all correspondence regarding Swiss Alpine Association to the appropriate member of the administrative staff, or mail to the following address:

Swiss Alpine Association
10000 Alpine Drive
Reed City, MI 49677

Administrative Staff

The administrative staff at Swiss Alpine handles the day to day details involved with maintaining Swiss Alpine.  Please direct any questions to the appropriate person.

Jean Schember
Treasurer Roberta Stolzenfeld
John Childers
Road Maintenance &
Snow Removal
Chuck Weaver

Board of Directors

Swiss Alpine is managed by and under the direction of the Board of Directors.  The Board or Directors are elected by the membership at the Annual Membership meeting.  Each member of the Board is elected for a three(3) year term, with no more then three(3) terms expiring at the same time.  Unfortunately there are circumstances that arise were a Board Member is not able to serve the entire term.  In these rare instances, a interim appointment will be made until the next election, when an alternate will be elected to fulfill the remainder of the term.  Without their dedication and support, this community would not be what it is today.

The following members have been elected to the Board of Directors.  The number in parenthesis indicates the year their term ends. 

President Jim Priester (2011)
Vice-President Joe Formentin (2013)
Secretary Jean Schember (2012)
Treasurer Roberta Stolzenfeld* (2011)
Directors Rita Moe (2011)
  Julie Earegood (2012)
  Magi Yarborough (2013)

                * Indicates interim appointment until election at Annual Membership Meeting to fulfill remainder of term.

The Board of Directors meets at 10:00 AM at the Clubhouse on the Second Saturday of every month.