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Architecture Controls Committee

The Architectural Committee (ACC) is responsible for ensuring the construction of all buildings within Swiss Alpine Association meets the requirements set forth within the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions of Swiss Alpine Association.  All building plans need to be submitted in writing to the ACC.  

Please make this submission before the start of any site preparation or construction.  Starting the project approval process with the Swiss Alpine ACC can be beneficial from several aspects.  The ACC has experience working with the approval process with other development projects, and can be a valuable asset.  Swiss Alpine ACC submission does not require any fees, and is easily extended.

The ACC has developed a standardized form to assist property owners with submission of ACC Approval Requests, but other forms of submission are acceptable.  The information contained on this form is necessary to make an appropriate and informed decision. 

        Swiss Alpine ACC Request Template (MS-Word version)

This year the Architectural Controls Committee will be comprised of the following members. Please forward all building requests to the chairperson listed below.

Chairperson Dick Allarding
Members Bob Leyrer
  Ron Delpiere-Smith
  Roberta Stolzenfeld

If you are unable to present your building plans in person. Please send them to the ACC Chairperson listed above, or to Swiss Alpine Association.

Swiss Alpine Association
ATTN: Architecture Committee
10000 Alpine Drive
Reed City, MI 49677

Building Process & Expectations

This section was added to assist planning to build within Swiss Alpine. 

Anyone building within Swiss Alpine will need to obtain authorization permits from several organizations.  We have provided a list of contacts below for your reference along with some notes to assist you in your planning.  This information was obtained from information provided by Osceola County Building Department and may not be complete. It is the property owners responsibility to ensure that all necessary permits are obtained and compliance with all applicable Federal, State, County, Township and SAA Requirements.

Organization / Contact Purpose
Department of Environmental Quality
District 6 Office
120 W Chapin Street
Cadillac, MI  49601
Approval required if building project is located in DNR flood plain or wetland area.  Several lots within Swiss Alpine contain flood plains or wetlands.  Floodplains are identified on the plats of Swiss Alpine Subdivisions.  


Cedar Township
Chris Lockhart
Zoning Administrator
17703 7 Mile Road
Reed City, MI 49677
Cedar Township is a zoned township.  Approval from the Cedar Township Zoning administrator is required before a building permit will be issued.  The Zoning Administrator will come to the building site to ensure the location of the project meets Cedar Township zoning requirements, including setbacks.    Currently (Summer 2007) the cost of the Zoning Permit is $25.00. 
Central Michigan Health Department
4329 220th Avenue
Reed City, MI 49677
231.832.5532 x22
All Well and Septic work needs to be approved PRIOR to commencement of work.
Soil Erosion Department
4323 220th Avenue
Reed City, MI 49677
Any project within 500 feet of a body of water will require a Soil Erosion permit.  Generally, All development projects located along Alpine Drive, and many along Bern Drive will require this permit.
Osceola County
Road Commission

4737 Makwa Drive
Reed City, MI  49677
New Driveways need a permit.  EXISTING driveways need a permit or  waiver.  This requirement effects lots on BERN DRIVE because this is a county road.
Osceola County Building Department
4323 220th Avenue
Reed City, MI 49677
231.832.6117 or
231.832.7345 fax
Permits are REQUIRED for all projects needing ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING or MECHANICAL (Applications available thru the Osceola County Building Department). 
MECHANICAL Permits & Inspections are thru the State of Michigan
ELECTRICAL Permits & Inspections are thru Osceola County

The cost of Building, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing permits are dependent on the scope of the project.